What does the Treasurer do?

The core function of the Treasurer is to account for the receipt and disbursement of all county funds.  Receipts include collection of property taxes, state aids, grants, etc.  Disbursement of funds are as directed by the County Executive and County Board.  In addition, the Treasurer plays a number of extremely important roles in county government (not an exhaustive list):

Counsel and Partner to Municipal Treasurers – Provide updates regarding and assistance with changes to technology and state laws.

Resource Assistant – work with people who have fallen behind and link them to necessary community resources to get them caught up on back-taxes.

Banker – Negotiate and maintain contracts for banking services. Reconcile bank accounts.

Investor – Manage investment portfolio to safely get a return on the people’s money and manage cash flow.

Realtor – Work with County Board to tax deed delinquent properties and then in turn sell them via auction to return them to the tax role as soon as possible. Tax deeding is the process of a government taking possession of a property due to a property owner not paying taxes. Such properties are sold through tax deed sales done by auction.

Economic Development Planner – Represent the county on TIF Joint Review Boards when not filled by the County Executive.

Department Head – Manage office staff and budget.