What Patrick will do for you as Dane County Treasurer?

If given the privilege to serve you as the next Dane County Treasurer, among my immediate priorities will be to address internal staffing needs to secure smooth delivery of service to the taxpayers and to address the aged number of delinquencies to eliminate the loss of more than $10,000 annually.  Two principals will be at the core of my service:

  1. Stand up for all taxpayers so they can trust the integrity and accuracy of the tax system;
  2. Treat all taxpayers equally and fairly.

Restore Integrity to the Tax System

  • I will stand up for all taxpayers to ensure confidence that your tax bill is accurate.
  • I will partner with local treasurers to support them as we manage changes in procedures and adapt to new laws and technology.
  • I have the integrity and fortitude to consistently uphold common sense standards.
  • I will not give special treatment to special interests.

Promote Sound, Responsible Investments

I will…

  • Promote sound investing;
  • Ensure socially responsible investments;
  • Provide transparency and accountability through regular reporting.

Decrease Burden on Residential Taxpayers

  • Develop strategy to address the backlog of hundreds of properties languishing in delinquency.
  • Return foreclosed properties to the tax rolls more quickly:
    • I will maintain current information online for auctions, which will be held more frequently
    • I will bring the Treasurer’s website into the 21st century by increasing its speed and timely information.
    • I will make information about tax deeded properties more transparent and accessible on the website so potential buyers can make informed decisions.

Promote Responsible Practices that Increase our Bottom Line

  • Ensure sustainability while increasing property values by championing programs such as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing of sustainability upgrades to commercial facilities; and BUILD, a grant program that promotes infill development over new construction in green space.
  • Ensure responsible use of TIF through participation on TIF Joint Review Boards.
  • Work cooperatively with municipal Treasurers to ensure efficient and effective service to taxpayers.
  • Develop strategic plan to address long backlog of delinquencies that includes a variety of challenging parcels.
  • By state law, beyond 12 years delinquent taxes cannot be collected and must written off.  Dane County is losing more than $10,000 each year because of incumbent's failure to collect from delinquent parcels in a timely manner. Comparable counties do not allow this to happen and we shouldn’t either! I will address the backlog so we are not throwing away tens of thousands in revenue each year.

Treat Taxpayers Equitably

  • I will develop a systematic approach to address delinquencies consistently and fairly.
  • Create policies and procedures to ensure equitable treatment for all taxpayers.
  • The Treasurer’s office is often the first place a person shares the problems they face that make it difficult to pay their taxes. I will Intervene early with residents who fall behind on their payments and link them quickly to necessary community resources. Whether the need is for senior services, financial counseling, or veterans assistance, my staff & I will be prepared to connect people with appropriate services to help our neighbors stay in their homes.
  • I will create a system so residents can sign up to receive notification of important dates to help decrease the number of late payments.